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west village engagement session

November 4, 2019

Have you ever imagined a better place for an epic NYC engagement session. This West Village engagement session, is just what the doctor ordered.

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Shawn and Rachel radiate class. Check out this timeless romantic wedding at Lily Manor from this September. You’ll love it! We promise!

Rachel and Shawn’s timeless romantic wedding at lily manor


fun urban anniversary session



this is a bohemian collective retreats wedding. and this was one for the books, people. i am seriously so in awe of alisa’s eye for detail and how she turned this island in new york city to a bohemian retreat! when ryan and alisa inquired with me back last winter i couldn’t even believe it! i had never heard of collective retreat on govenors island before. i immediately started googling and was like omg, i need this wedding no matter what. after talking with alisa and ryan, it was an instant connection! and just like that, they hired us to photograph their bohemian collective retreats wedding!

alisa and ryan are so incredibly perfect for each other. their personalities shined through the entire day, and it radiated off of their loved ones. it was obvious they were quite loved. when we got to the speeches, i actually cried. so did freeman. and you’ll see by the expressions of alisa and ryan and they enjoyed the speeches as well. they were so well thought out. so unique. so specific to to ryan and alisa.

i am so thankful for alisa and ryan trusting us with their bohemian collective retreats wedding. you know, when you hire a wedding photographer, you should be able to fully trust them and know that their going to take your vision and focus on all of the aspects of us. i’m SO thankful that alisa and ryan let us do just that. it felt so great to know that someone so artistic, give up the reigns to us means so much.

also, i must note, the light we had that day was impeccable. i cannot even believe how breathtaking it was for this bohemian collective retreats wedding. the mixture of new york city lights with the hudson river plus the party lights of collective retreat was just so freaking cool. who would have thought that you could have the best of both worlds on an island beside new york city.

and lastly, you may notice that they saw each other for a lunch before the actual ceremony. and yes, you are correct about that. the way ryan and alisa did it was that they wanted everyone to celebrate beforehand so they did a lunch with toasts and it was seriously such a cool alternative to a normal wedding day schedule. we loved it!

thank you again alisa and ryan. YOU ROCK!

the team that made it possible:

 venue: collective retreat govenors island

day of coordination: days desk

flowers: fern botanica

hair and makeup: she said yes beauty

lunch dress: reformation

wedding dress: BHLDN

and the arch, their friend james made! let’s hear a shout out!


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bohemian collective retreats wedding

ESSER ESTATE AT BLUE HOUND FARM WEDDING I have never shot a wedding at Esser Estate at Blue Hound Farm before this one, but i am so incredibly glad that i did! I feel so beyond lucky to have met adam and alex, and the opportunity i was given by them to photograph their relationship […]

esser estate at blue hound farm wedding // alexandra and adam

PALM SPRINGS ENGAGEMENT SESSION i have dreamt of this day for quite some time, of photographing an engagement session in palm springs, california. i literally cannot believe my dream has been made! when chatting with kim about her and hugh’s session, she gave me tons of options of places she’d love to consider as options. […]

palm springs engagement session // kim & hugh


when you think of mount gretna, do you think of a mount gretna engagement session? I DO! kourtney and matt had asked for a full on nature engagement session, and i threw out the idea of mount gretna and they were immediately down! i mean, how can you not love this hidden gem of a town settled in the heart of lebanon. its quite the magical forest! i absolutely loved getting to know kourtney and matt during this session. i learned that kourtney is the most sweetest person on the face of this planet. and i learned that matt is absolutely hilarious and has the best balance between sarcasm and witt. he had me laughing the whole time! when they asked me if they could bring their prized procession Ruger, (with an 8 pack) to their mount gretna engagement session, i of course was 100% okay with it. This pup was amazing and was a happy boy the entire time. You can really see how much Kourtney and Matt love him. I cannot wait for their may wedding next year at Drumore Estates! It’s going to be the absolute best! As far as this little town, if you are looking for a new place to shoot, i highly recommend making this place next on your list!

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kourtney & matt

SCRANTON ENGAGEMENT SESSION this scranton engagement session was one for the books. guess what, there IS more to scranton than just the office. who would have thought that scranton holds all of these cool corners, buildings and even waterfalls! i had such a blast hopping around scranton with jimmy and amanda for their scranton engagement […]

scranton engagement session // jimmy & amanda

MOODY AND ROMANTIC SPRING WEDDING DAVE & ELIZABETH’S MOODY ROMANTIC SPRING TIME WEDDING AT HISTORIC SHADY LANE this moody and romantic spring wedding is no joke. it was literally what you think of when you think of a moody but romantic spring wedding, but with all of the most perfect details and personal touches. our […]

a moody and romantic spring wedding // HSL


this hip joyful brooklyn engagement session spoke to the soul. you know when you are walking down the street and you can just tell when a couple is meant to be, the couple wears it on their faces and body language? well thats alisa and ryan. and you can so clearly see that from the emotion in their hip joyful brooklyn engagement session.

alisa and ryan live in brooklyn, and they thought it would be super cool to hop around their neighborhood and photograph them in their natural element for their brooklyn engagement session. well, we found those cool corners of the neighborhood. the unique little gems. the spots you don’t see unless if you open your eyes and alisa and ryan were literally down for it all. i adoreeeee being given the chance to walk around a few blocks and find those “spots no one has shot before” (even though yes i am aware that people have shot at the canal before 😛 ) but mostly all spots no one has photographed before. 😛

we strolled through Carroll Gardens, stopped for a drink at Frankies, and they grabbed some produce from their local market (that they actually do shop at frequently) – so of course the market was my fav because it was literally exactly who they were.

i am seriously so excited for their collective retreats wedding in august. (that’ll be another blog post to come in the fall i’m sure) so keep your eyes wide open for these cuties later on in the year!

if you’ve ever thought about doing a city love session, engagement session, any kind of session – hit me up here!


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hip joyful brooklyn engagement session || alisa & ryan