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years ago, like 2014, we decided we wanted to make women help realize the beauty that lies within. by wanting to achieve this, we started photographing women. it didn't matter if you were clothed or naked, our inner goal stayed the same. in today's society we are SO accustomed to self sabotaging thoughts. we are told we aren't thin enough. we are told our skin should be softer. we are fed literal lies and we WILL fight against that!! CHANGE THE NORMAL! CHANGE SOCIETY!

during these sessions we promote good vibes. we provide encouraging words to boost your confidence. and by the end, you will honestly feel like you're the best version of yourself. we always say that boudoir is the therapy session you didn't know you needed. the best part is when i notice my girls "switches." every girl has a moment where their light switch brightly turns on and i can see the looser movements, the smiles and the freaking halo hanging above them. no one ever notices this switch happens, but we do.


all the deets you need to know. 

step one is easy. you inquire here.

next we discuss your personal style & if you would like indoor or outdoor.

the difference 


indoor sessions are more intimate. they give off feelings of sweetness, gracefulness and softness. indoor provides us with light that comes in gently and reflects off of walls. we are able to use a bed and make it more of the common idea when it comes to boudoir photography. it is also seen as more private.  these are done in our studio in york, pa.


outdoor boudoir gives off the feeling of adventure, power and strength. one of the most freeing feelings is being naked or half naked in nature. outdoor sessions are life changing and they charge you up so much. outdoor sessions allow us to play with tons of different lighting situations as far as locations. you and i will decide on a location that best suits your personality. 

no matter what, we let things happen naturally. just because you would choose outdoor doesn't mean that we wont photograph those soft and gentle feelings and vice versa. this is just a general idea of what we have noticed in the years of what indoor and outdoor can do. 

next, we figure you the best date. we prefer to keep our boudoir sessions to weekdays. 

then you'll put down a deposit of $80.00 and sign a contract.

and once that is all complete, you're officially a boudoir client! 

next we'll talk about what to wear. you'll receive a full in depth form of what to wear, and tips and tricks pertaining to prepping for your session. don't worry, we'll help you through every step!

then it's session time! you show up and have your makeup done by vero leigh. we pamper the shit out of you and make you feel the most comfortable. we have a full bar cart, as well as other drinks if alcohol isn't your thing. but i'll just say, a shot loosens the muscles. then we photograph your badass self for an hour. 

check out vero leigh's work here!

session is over: now what?
next, we send you the gallery! you'll receive full printing rights to your entire gallery + a discount on products. so whether you're looking to buy prints, canvas etc .. you'll have full acces to buy all those sorts of fun things!




"i exist as i am." 

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personal experiences

reviews from past boudoir clients. 

I have had the extreme privilege to shoot with Sarah on 3 occasions (Engagement session, Boudoir, and wedding) I cannot stress to you enough this was easily the Best decision I made in the whole wedding process. As part of booking her for your wedding she makes boudoir sessions super accessible for her brides. I never ever thought I would be interested in doing one, but I figured I would step a bit (and by a bit I mean a TON) out of my comfort zone and try it. I am by no means a tiny in shape person and have constant body struggles most of the time I would say its a less than great relationship with my body. And the idea of standing there in a very raw way scared me. It is the most vulnerable you will ever be. From the get go Sarah made sure I was comfortable, unrushed, and in a good headspace. All of her time and care during this shoot, lead to some of my favorite pictures ever taken of myself. She let me see me through I lens that I don't ever look through. I think I best summed it up in my thank you to her, though I will never really be able to thank her as much as she deserves.... "I know we chatted a bit post shoot about my body trepidations but it really is something that I have struggled with for a VERY long time and still do to this day. this season of life has been particularly rough on my confidence, to comfortable in my relationship to worry about my health, a man that loves each and every inch of me no matter what form I am and I sedentary desk job that only gives me eye cramps and carpel tunnel. I was never skinny but also never this size. and for that last couple of months have not known the woman who stares back at me in the mirror. the shoot helped with that. I still have a ways to go on the road of body acceptance for sure. but this was just a HUGE leap in the right direction. though I have a hard time seeing Emily in my own mirror at home, she was there in front of that lens. Just thank you so so so much." I really can not rave about her enough BOOK HER. SHE IS WORTH SO MUCH MORE THEN THE COST. YOU WILL NOT REGRETT IT.

emily 10/18

I recently had a studio boudoir session with Sarah and I was blown away! Doing something like this is nerve racking, to say the least, but as soon as I walked in Sarah made me feel relaxed and at ease. I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing and her subtle prompts and constant encouragements throughout the session made our time fly by - and it was actually a lot of fun!! The final images were far beyond my expectations and made me feel incredibly classy, sexy and artistic all wrapped up in one. This was the best gift I’ve given myself in a long time and I would encourage anyone to have Sarah capture the badass beauty you are!


Sarah is more than just a photographer and brilliant artist, she is a selfless human being and true friend. More than 2 years ago I took a leap and trusted her with my first ever boudoir session. Despite my nerves, she made the whole process fun, empowering, and completely awesome! Her heart is to genuinely help women find the beauty in themselves, and that 100% shines through in her process and her work. Since then she has taught and inspired me in more ways than I can count. Do you want a knowledgeable professional? Hire her. Do you want a unique and talented artist? Hire her. Do you want to support a super awesome human being and possibly make a friend for life? Freaking hire her.






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