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why yes, yes we do. we are constantly looking for new places to travel while photographing the most badass couples in other locations.
we are located in harrisburg, pa - but this does NOT limit us to this area. most of our work ends up being outside of the central PA area! we travel up to 3 hours outside of our area at no extra travel cost. 
feel free to inquire with all of your information, we'll set up a consultation and talk about all of the logistics and then create a custom proposal created based off of your location and needs. the great thing is that we handle all travel, so you will not have have an extra step added to your to do list. 

so like, money is not the most fun thing to chat about with anyone. we get that. so we'll get this big question out of the way first and foremost. 
we are flexible. we like to keep the dialect open.
now with that being said though, we have our prices set for a reason. running a business isn't all bells and whistles. we have expenses and taxes. we have our family. we have a mortgage and car payments. we are normal people like everyone else. 
we have been in business for 7 full years. but sarah has been in the industry 10 years so we are charging for experience and quality of the experience that you get with us. so even though we have formulated pricing, we are willing to hear what your needs are, and why you feel so connected to us and our work, and why you would like to work with us.  

do you travel?

do you work with budgets?

do we receive an online gallery?
are there any add ons?

you will always receive an online gallery. that's a given with us no matter what. we believe you deserve to have access to your wedding photos to share with friends and family forever. 
and yes, we of course offer add ons! these will be discussed when we have our consultation and send you the custom proposal we create for each one of our couples. 


you will have full access to see your entire gallery within 6-8 weeks after your wedding. BUT because we can't contain ourselves with the excitement of your wedding and photos, within the first week of your wedding you'll receive a slideshow that you can share with friends and family that will contain 30+ images! these are your sneak peak images, and meant to hold you over until the full cake is completed. all of the photos that are in your slideshow will be also emailed to you in a gallery that you can download awhile. so you know, so thank you's - or prints your family member is begging you for etc ..

how many photos do we receive?

this is a fab question! this is one that gets asked frequently. i'll just say up front - we are NOT a photography business that limits the amount of photos we give you. far from it. actually, we tend to over give. our cameras are shooting through moments rapidly, so there may be 25 photos from a 3 second moment, but if they fit the criteria as a good photo, then you'll get all 25. make sense? WE LIMIT NOTHING!
now, just to give you an average, since we all like averages. if you book a standard wedding package at 9 hours - with a total number of 6 in your wedding party and an average of 150 guests, you'll probably see somewhere around 850+ images. but truly, it is SO hard to pin point numbers. it all varies on how many guests, how many people in the wedding, how many different events are going on, if your ceremony and reception are in the same location, etc. regardless of all that though, your gonna get a ton!

we're not models and awkard in front of the camera. can you work with us?

HECK TO THE YES! the thing about us is that we pride ourselves on making you feel like we aren't even there. we're obsessed with creating time-less emotion. we have a certain super fun method that we use to help bring the real emotion and connection between you and your partner. basically, we play games! we'll explain further in our consultation with you how this goes. you guys will be interacting with each other the whole time. you'll be running around. doing things you've never done together before all for the sake of sick photos and a fun experience. we don't want your time with us to feel like a chore or a dreaded photo sesh, so we do all we can to make it a damn good time! we have never had a couple where our method didn't work for them, but in return they actually end up saying they feel they have grown closer to their partner. and THIS is one of the reasons of why we love what we do so so much. 


we frequently get asked this all of the time. and that's totally fine. i would love to make sure you know this answer up front. so yes, even though we take an untraditional approach to weddings, it doesn't mean that we don't photograph the formals that every single family member wants. as we navigate through your wedding day we're following a timeline. so that timeline is technically based off of formals such as families, bridal party etc. so as we are making sure to photograph all of your formals on your list, we're still making sure that we are keeping our untraditional approach at hand by making those formals fun, lighthearted and not too posey. 


here is the dealio with this one. so think of it this way. an artist is given a blank canvas: they create a masterpiece. an artist is given an already painted over canvas: they create, but some someone has already started. this is how we feel at new venues. we LOVE new places. it tingles all of our senses! we're thoroughly inspired by walking into a new space we've never shot in. it's our blank canvas!! now - DONT WORRY. if we HAVE shot at your venue, that is ok! we will actually strive and challenge ourselves to find new spaces, new light and a variety of places. no matter what, we find inspiration. but we just want to reassure you that if we've never shot at your venue, it shouldn't be a deal breaker. 

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