jenna and dan
9 22 18

After our initial consultation with Sarah, we immediately knew she was a talented photographer and beautiful soul we wanted to be with at our wedding. We were already blown away by her work--the emotion she draws from her subjects is so visceral and pure--but we were even more thrilled that she could connect with us so easily. After all, you spend a large portion of your wedding day with your photographer! It should be someone you gel with and "gets" your vibe. Hands down Sarah was that person. Starting with initial communication and our engagement session, she exceeded our expectations. We did that first shoot on one of the hottest, most humid days, and you cannot tell at all from the photos. They seem so us--not posed, not fake--and of course our family and friends love them as well. We also had so much fun taking them! Sarah creates a special environment where you feel among friends but also have that closeness and intimacy with your partner. Our wedding was over a year later but we never felt like Sarah was far away. She made us--and I'm sure other couples--feel like individuals she cared about, not just another client for the books. I felt so comfortable with her that I booked a boudoir shoot--something I'd never expect myself to do. It was an incredible experience and if you're considering it--do it! And what can we say? We're so thrilled by the photos Sarah and Freeman took of our wedding day. They were on top of everything and captured all the moments that we want to remember for the rest of our lives. When I look at them, I truly see the love that we felt surrounding us that day. The photos show elements of our goofy selves, and also make us feel glamorous and romantic. They captured the details we had planned, and also supplement our memories of family and friends who were at our wedding. Our family will always cherish these. Sarah's work is unique and nontraditional, and she will without a doubt capture genuine emotions as well as smiles. She takes great care in the editing as well and delivers beautiful products. I highly recommend Sarah B--she is a gem among photographers

My husband and I hired Sarah for our wedding and engagement photos and it is truly the best money I have ever spent. MAKE. THE. INVESTMENT. ON. QUALITY. PHOTOGRAPHY. It is the only tangible thing you take with you from your wedding day. 
It was so refreshing to find a photographer whose style is unique and REAL. I knew I didn't want posed, artificially lit stock photo images because that doesn't capture the important things. I look at her photos and get goosebumps from the emotion she is able to capture - the lighting, composition, tiny moments she finds, relationships she captures, editing style - all of it is the work of a true artist. 
I have looked at my wedding photos at least twice a day since receiving them, and I don't think I'll ever stop. My husband and I's wedding day was so family and friends-oriented and we had worked so hard to put love and thought into every detail, and somehow she was able to capture every nuance. And not just in a handful of photos - every shot was like that!! Hundreds of emotion-filled works of art that will help us relive this memory (and our loved ones) forever. And that will look amazing on our walls ;) 
It's also worth noting that Sarah gives you all of the finished, edited photos to do with what you please. All included in her cost. 
She exceeded my expectations and I will never be able to thank her enough for sharing her talents with the world.

liz and joe
5 26 18

There is not enough words in the world for me to adequately describe my experience with Sarah and her husband Freeman. They are the epitome of a dream team. Its like hanging out with your best friends who just happen to be capturing gallery quality photos of you and your loved ones. They effortlessly pull genuine emotion from their couples that create memories to last forever. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have a tangible representation of my husband and I's love story to share with our future children and family. Because of them our love will be able to be shared for years to come and for people to truly understand who we are as a couple because they photographed the true essence of who we are in the most beautiful way possible. What I love most is that she doesn't do a ton of bs photoshop to make you look like a different person, she shoots the real you and helps you fall in love with the person you actually are not the face-tuned version. If you are thinking about booking her and you don't its a big mistake. The wedding world gets super overwhelming and I felt uneasy and I second guessed a lot of things but the one nice thing is that I didn't have to second guess them, they were my constant and kept me grounded through the whole process. She also hooked me up with a fantastic florist and makeup artist. Vero Leigh and Splints and Daisies. Sarah and Freeman completed our wedding and I know they will complete yours too. I am beyond lucky to call them friends now.

sam and bryan
12-14 18

hear it from them.

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