why the investment?

"Together with her husband, Freeman, Sarah had us nostalgic for our wedding day before we even cut the cake. As if the finished product weren't evidence enough — you can foresee your delight by the way they do things. Scenery that others wouldn't notice. Light patterns that others wouldn't distinguish. Big moments that others would relegate to little ones. ...Coin-operated mechanical horses that others wouldn't have demanded I ride while my groomsmen blow train wooden whistles into my ear. (Inside joke.) Point being, beyond craftsmanship, Sarah and Freeman boast a combo congeniality that can survive pretty much any day-of, day-before or days-after request. They're just out-and-out good people. Do it!" - sandy & allison


experiences, nostalgia, and a damn good time.


if you're looking to travel, you've come to the right place. we've got that travel fever basically 24/7. someone send help and a cold washcloth! but no really, we've got our bags packed at all times ready to go. our wedding experiences that we offer translate right into all of those destination weddings. with a little extra boost of inspo. we're insanely inspired by new locations, cities and even countries. to hear more about our custom pricing for these, inquire with us and we'll talk all about it!

02 // destination weddings and elopements 

custom PACKAGEs starting at $4000

weddings to us are never the same. we pride ourselves on being able to create timeless emotion and nostalgia for years to come by creating the most memorable experience for you and all of your guests. our goal is for you to feel the same exact way you felt on your wedding day, but 100 years down the road, just by browsing through your gallery again. we'd love to talk with you to find out what best suits you and your story!

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what we offer


engagement/anniversary/just love sessions are at the core of what we do. we're a firm believer in human connection between two individuals and we absolutely love to pull every single ounce of that love out of you. these are bonding experiences. and our goal is for you to walk away feeling as if you have grown 1000 closer to your partner. we don't limit our timing for these as we love to just navigate through different emotions and locations and just take our time. if you would love to learn more about our method and let us get to know you better, contact us!

03 // engagement sessions and/or anniversary sessions