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the website analysis 

is your website exhausting your creativity?

do you stare blank faced at your screen for endless hours and feel like you're getting nowhere?

cat got your tongue and you have no idea what to say?

the good news : you aren't alone. 

the bad news : you potentially could be losing business.

here is where i come in.

your website is the most important first impression you'll ever have to lovingly craft. so why do we put it on the back burner? why don't we give it the tlc it deserves? 

we have 6-8 seconds to captivate, intrigue and hold the attention of our potential clients. if we lose them within those 6-8 seconds, they're gone with the wind.

we get in our own heads about design, aesthetic and brand. trust me, i get it. we'll work on one page for 10 hours straight and then wake up and delete it all. having someone see your site from a different perspective, or from a potential client's perspective, can wake you up to your strengths and struggles and help solidify that important brand.

let's talk about why
you need this.

+ create a website that converts viewers to leads to bookings.

+ give your brand a visual voice that is present on all of the pages of your website. 

+ show you how to have compelling copy that translates to the buyer and convinces them in a few seconds that you're who they want to hire and makes you stand out from the other people in your industry.

+ understand that you do have what it takes to be successful with your website. i want to prove to you that all you have to do is tap into that power. i'm ready to lead you into that freeing land!

ultimately my goal is
to help you:

the steps and measures
it's going to take.

the investment for
your business.

add ons.

discover the details.








inquire with me and i will then provide you with a website discovery questionnaire. this helps me dig deep in your brand, heart and current website.

once you are finished, you'll schedule your website discovery call. and on that call (3o minutes) i'll verbally walk through your questionnaire and learn how i can best serve you.

next will be the custom made proposal curated just for you. it will include the topics i feel you need the most help with. once you accept, you'll sign the contract and pay the invoice. my payment schedule is 50/50.

once documents are taken care of, you will schedule your official website analysis call.  
THE CALL: (1 hour)
- i will thoroughly go through every page of your site and analyze brand, design, copy, photo placement and photos chosen. i will be sweet, but honest. i'm not here to hurt feelings. i'm here to prove your potential.

after the call i will send you on your way with a must have checklist. these will be things you'll need on your site, and can keep track of with the checklist while editing. 

one week after your call, you will schedule your final review call.  your final 50% will also be invoiced at this time.

during our final review call i'll do a final inspection of all the work you've done. i'll fine tune things. i'll be the cherry on top. 

the website analysis sessions are:


+ free website discovery call (30 min)
+ a full website analysis zoom call (1 hr)
+ a must have checklist to keep you on track
+ a final review call two weeks from website analysis call (30 min)

we will discuss on your website discovery call if i feel like you may need some extra help in some places.

-copy monster-
this is the number one struggle i hear when it comes to websites. and honestly, i love it and helping others see that it's a lot easier than you think!
+ i'll send you a separate questionnaire that will help me understand your brand
+ this will include an extra 2 hour call with me breaking apart your words and helping you come up with copy that connects with your brand and value 
+ and we will then have a final 1 hour call to fine tune the copy you've worked on and the copy i've come up for you

-picture selection-
if you struggle with deciding which photos will translate best (i deff do) then i will go through a gallery of your 250 most favorite photos of your service or product and i will then create a favorites list. 

are you ready to take this very important step?
you decide.

in their words.

"Sarah started by going through every aspect of my site, from the header to the footer and everything in between. She challenged me to think like the CLIENT, and to put myself in the shoes of the buyer."

"she gave me actionable steps on where to go next, and I left feeling excited and ready to fix up my site and make it even better!"

owner of
flouretta sweet

 owner of
thiry five & oaks

"HIRE SARAH NOW. I will basically throw all my money at Sarah no matter the offer. The value, wisdom, and kindness (yet straightforwardness) that she brings to the table has been something I have never experienced before. "

"I thought my website was done before she looked at it and little did I know that there was so much more strategy, restructuring, wording, and layout to think through. I feel like a much more confident and equipped photographer because of her"

why not give it a try? book now!







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